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Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheels Refurbmishments

At Total Trax in Lossiemouth Morayshire we can complete your wheels in the same day, if you have standard painted alloy wheels that have any damages, corrosion or kerb damage then we can refurbish them to look good as new!

Colour Coding

Advances in color-coding have also allowed us to improve the condition and value of you alloy wheels. Color-coding is our signature finish its a process that matches alloy wheels to the vehicle correct manufacturer's original colour! Using our advanced refurbishment system, we are able to offer unique color-coding options to almost every vehicle this also includes wheel manufacturers too.   

Standard Finish 

This finish is just as hard wearing as our other, but is not as time consuming to complete but this is reflected in the price. We have a large collection to choose from and can order any other within a few days. We have a wheel display showing our most popular finishes to you give a better idea of what the finish product will look like before any work starts.

Our Process:

  • Wheels are removed from your vehicle, tyres deflated, beads are broken and tyres removed from wheels.
  • All valves, old weights removed.
  • Damages assessed individually on each wheel.
  • Wheels chemically stripped of old coatings.
  • Wheels washed and treated, all damages, corrosion and buckles removed and repaired through various techniques.
  • Wheels powder primed, colour coded to original finish or to a standard colour of your choice and powder lacquered.
  • Wheels cured to give it finial protective finish.
  • Wheels inspected to assure we achieved our highest possible quality finish
  • New valves fitted
  • Tyres fitted, inflated to recommended levels for your vehicle; tyres balanced.
  • Wheels refitted to your car wheel nuts torqued up to the recommended level.

Note: Total Trax WILL NOT respray just the face of your wheels in any occasion! Our Total Service usually takes a day to be completed! (Please check for availability)

Wheel Refurbishment Promise by Total Trax

  • Experts:  Over 3000 wheels refurbished each year in a quality controlled factory environment
  • Highly Skilled Staff: Our expert team are highly trained technicians, focused on delivering the best service for our customers
  • Personal Attention:  We take great pride in our work, paying attention to detail to ensure the highest possible quality
  • Experienced:  An unsurpassed reputation established from over 6 years of delivering immaculate wheels and customer service
  • Quality:  Passionate about quality! We deliver every time! NO EXCLUSIONS!

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Same day Diamond Cutting Service

Total Trax now offers an in-house diamond cut refurbishment for your alloys, same day service available

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Diamond Cutting in the North Scotland

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